dr-elisabeth-shannon asked Hey! when's the 11th Pilgrimage coming through? I need to get my staff and medical supplies in order :-)

We dont know yet :( Sorry!

- Kate

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Anonymous asked Do you know when the 11th pilgrimage should arrive?

I don’t know yet. :( Sorry

- Kate

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Anonymous asked Hey! what's going?? is the RPG still active? if so are you still taking applicants or is it too late??

The RPG has been a little inactive. We’re so sorry! If you want to app be free to do it :) We’re in a little hiatus. Not dead :P

- Kate

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I have been off. I’m so sorry!
I’ll come back soon!!

- Kate

Anonymous asked The 11th pilgrimage was schedule to arrive on the 23rd. What happened?

I’m sorry. I’ve been busy with school! :( Besides we’re hoping receiving new apps.

The 11th Pilgrimage will be in other day. :(

We’re really sorry!

- Kate

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In 23rd November, thousand of people will take the first step for a new life.

The 11th Pilgrimage will finally say hello to Terra Nova!

If you don’t have your ticket, don’t lose hope! We made a extra-lottery for those you want a fresh start.

More information here

Elisabeth Shannon in The Runaway.

More Terra Nova gifs, here

I was thinking, if you guys don’t have any ideas for paras why won’t start doing AU paras? (AU - Alternative Universe).

So tell me, good idea or?

Terra Nova RPG needs:


We’re accepting manips requests.



  • Send your request off anon
  • The request must include actors/actresses from Terra Nova. (only)
  • Be patient. Manips take some time to make.
  • Give a purpose to your manip. - Like don’t only ask for it, use it after it’s done.
  • Check my manips before you request.
  • If you don’t like the manip tell me, -I can make a new one, well depends, but please don’t be mean, I’m a newer on making manips.

Send your request here


~ Kate

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